Heating systems come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a studio apartment up to your 10 bedroom guest house or your large hotel, each have their own requirements and design needs.

We try to offer you the best money can buy and the latest techniques and technology to save not only your money but also the environment.

Whether it’s a heating system add on, heating system service or a whole house heating replacement we have the expertise to deal with any project big or small.


Heating your home is a costly expence we all have to pay for,

With the cost of electricity,gas and oil on the rise saving money on your next heating bill is something that we could all benefit from.

A room thermostat is a central control for your heating system to bring your heating within your home up to the required temperature set by the user. It's an essential requirement for your home.

Having thermostatic radiator valves installed on each radiator in your house allows each room to be controlled to best suite its own heating requirements.

With most TRV's having a range of 1-5 you can select your desired temperature. Some have a frost setting that will turn the radiators on if the temperature falls below 4c.

Installing thermostatic radiator valves cuts heating energy costs up to 20% while improving comfort.

Having a correctly controlled heating system is the most cost effective way to reduce your heating bills.


A heating and hot water programmer is another essential requirement for your home.

A properly set                   programmer will bring the heating and hot water on at set times due to your own lifestyle and hours of work ect. This in turn will only tell your heating and hot water to come on when it is actually required.