Power flushing


Over time central heating systems become filled with iron oxide sludge and general dirt. This is normal and happens to every central heating system, however over time this debris can build up and create problems.


The heating system will become noticeably more inefficient. It will be slow to warm up, and it will probably start making obvious unfamiliar noises. Cold spots in the centre of radiators and requiring frequent bleeding are clear signs that the system needs power flushing. Additional more serious problems include the pump repeatedly failing and radiators leaking.


For more detailed information or to discuss a potential problem with your heating system don’t hesitate to call.


When your heating system is in need of a power flush you will most likely find your boiler may cut out, overheat, make lots of strange noises or in the worst case stop working all together.

Not only is it your boiler but the whole heating system is affected by sludge build up. You may find your pump will stop working, radiator valves may block up and the classic sign the radiators have cold spots on them. Mainly the bottom will be stone cold while the top relatively warm. This is due to the sludge sitting in the bottom of the radiator.

All of these problems in most cases are cured by having a heating powerflush done.

This includes disconnecting your heating pump or taking off a radiator and connecting a powerfull flushing machine to flush each radiator individually with special chemicals untill your system is free from sludge and the water is crystal clear. It's then dosed up with another chemical to stop the proccess of sludge build up happening again.